Why refinish instead of replace?
Replacements costs can run in the thousands of dollars. Due to the superior quality of coating materials and techniques now available, refinishing has become a great alternative. It improves the appearance of worn out tubs, showers, tile, sinks and countertops. Refinishing saves time and money for any property owner, with the inconvenience, mess, and downtime of removal/replacement.

Refinishing Benefits:
The best alternative to the high cost and inconvenience of replacing Saves property owner money AND time (most jobs completed in less than 6 hours) Ready to use in 24 hours Makes cleaning easier Extremely durable Brightens any room Grouting is sealed by coating so eliminates mildew on tubs and tile

Services available:
We can refinish almost any surface. Fiberglass, porcelain, steel, cast iron or acrylic bathtubs, showers, and sinks. Ceramic tile around bathtubs or showers. Ceramic tile countertops. Formica and cultured marble countertops.

Refinishing process:
Tubs/Showers/Sinks - The preparation process, along with the highest end coatings is what will surely provide a beautiful finish for years to come. Shower doors and hardware is removed and the caulking is cut. The surface is then cleaned, scraped and scrubbed to remove dirt and soap residue. Then the surface is etched with an industrial strength acid. Some refinishers choose to skip this step due to the acid being hazardous but we know this is a crucial step in the bonding process. If we are refinishing the tile surrounding a tub or shower, grout is filled in at this time. Repairs are made (i.e. chips filled; cracks, holes, rust repaired) then the item is completely masked off. Drop cloths are placed to cover the surrounding area. We have a high volume exhaust system we put in the room to control dust and remove any over spray. We then apply an Epoxy primer (bonding agent) to the fixture. After this dries, we apply a high end Polyurethane enamel with a small amount of "kicker" added for a quicker dry time. Being a full service refinisher, we will remove all of the masking paper, reinstall the hardware, recaulk around the tub or shower and reinstall the shower doors. Even though the tub or shower is "dry", you need to wait 24 hours to use it.

If countertops are tile, prep is the same as tile walls. Formica and cultured marble are cleaned, repaired and sanded. Everything is masked and drop cloths put down. We then apply a solid low-gloss color or the new faux granite finish which is a very affordable upgrade and gives the look of granite at a fraction of the cost. Everyone loves this finish. It looks good, cleans easy, is extremely durable. Highly recommend this finish for counters. Contact us if you would like more information on the faux granite finish.